Transforming a traditional Sheet Metal Fabricator to a leader in Automation & Robotics

Robotics & Automation

The process of transforming a traditional Sheet Metal Fabricator to a leader in Automation and Robotics is exciting.   Additionally, this offers increased capacity, improved quality & repeatability, set up times that are decreased by 90% and reduced lead times.   Moxee has implemented best in class loaders & autoloaders, robotic weld cells and is in the process of implementing one of the most significant Press Brake cells in the Northwest Region.

Automated Loading and Unloading for Lasers & Punches

Moxee uses some of the best Amada punches and lasers made.   Additionally, we have made the investment to be able to run in a lights out environment by adding loaders and unloaders.

Trumpf TruBend Cell 5000 -Robotics


Moxee currently operates with 9 Amada Press Breaks ranging from 4 feet to 14 feet in length. Currently, we are installing a fully automated Trumpf, 95 Ton True Bend Cell with an 8-foot bed which includes Robotically controlled setup and operation, automatic tool changes, automatic loaders, automatic unloaders, and Laser bend detection to ensure perfect bend angles. 


Moxee has implemented two robotic welding cells. Because of Moxee’s Engineering strength and CNC equipment, we can quickly design and manufacture high-quality, low-cost fixtures. In addition to the robotics, we have a full line of Mig, Tig, and other traditional welding capabilities. 

Robotic weld cell

Moxee Manufacturing & Assembly is based out of Central Washington and provides Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly Service to OEM’s in the Northwest.   With a focus on converting traditional manufacturing methodologies to automation and robotics we are leaders in customer satisfaction by providing Quality Parts On Time cost effectively.